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Joanne Ellison

Founder & Director

Founder of national nonprofit Drawing Near to God based in Mt. Pleasant, S.C., Joanne Ellison teaches women to make space for God so that God’s presence keeps them from being overwhelmed with life.

Driven by a vision to motivate women to pursue a deeper relationship with God, Ellison founded Drawing Near to God in 2000 and has since reached tens of thousands of women through Christian radio, her weekly Bible study, speaking, books, CDs and DVDs. She is the author of over 20 Bible study guides, the popular 365-day Bible devotional, Drawing Near To God, and Sitting at His Feet and Tell Your Heart to Beat Again, both available in 2016.

An engaging speaker, writer and Bible teacher, Ellison’s speaking style includes both vulnerability and humor and is rooted in her passion for the Bible.

She is a mother of three, grandmother of 11 and has been married for 43 years to Dr. Blount Ellison. Making her home in the Charleston area for most of her life, Ellison is a graduate of the College of Charleston and an active member of Saint Andrew’s Church, Mount Pleasant, SC.

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Joanne’s Blog

Keep Your Eyes on Me

I had a conversation today with someone about faith in our circumstances and so I thought I would share with all of you an entry from my devotional, Sitting at His Feet. As you may know, this devotional is a compilation of journal entries from my personal quiet times with the Lord. These writings come out […]

Identity Confusion

Much has been said about gender confusion these days. The reality is that there is another issue that causes confusion and at its core it can be the culprit for confusion at many levels. I am not addressing the issue of gender confusion. I will leave that to the professionals. In itself it can cause […]

Lack of Trust

Proverbs 3:5-6 is a Scripture that has been on my heart lately so today I thought I would share with you an entry from my Drawing Near to God devotional about this verse. No matter what situation we might find ourselves facing today, it is important that we remember to seek the Lord and His wisdom, trusting in […]

Buried in Stress

Friends, since this blog is about making space for God I am going to be very frank with you. More and more Christians seem to be stressed out, overcommitted, having little time for breaks in the day. Ruth Haley Barton describes this indicating that we are not able to be present in the moment because […]

Guest Blog – Bailey’s Jesus

Today, on Good Friday, I want to share with you something that someone recently passed along to me from the Daily Encourager. It is a very sweet story with a wonderful message for us all on this Easter weekend: God recently allowed me to see Jesus through the eyes of someone seeing Him for the […]

No Weapon Forged Will Prosper

  Wouldn’t you love to know that every unjust accusation made against you is ineffective? Life would take on a different perspective if we knew that there was a big sign that came up over our lives anytime a false accusation is made that said:  Sting ineffective. Well I have good news for you. This is […]

Forgive Them Anyway

This week I drove by a sign in front of someone’s office. It caused me to stop and think. Are people often unreasonable irrational and self-centered? Perhaps so. So that brings up another question: Should we really forgive unreasonable irrational people? The world in which we live is very different than the world in which […]


Today we had our annual “Celebration Luncheon” where we celebrated everything that God has done in our midst during this Bible study year. These past two semesters have been amazing, full of transformation, healing and love. Our last semester we studied how “God is Real” in our lives and this semester we journeyed [...]