Joanne Ellison

Founder & Director

Founder of national nonprofit Drawing Near to God based in Mt. Pleasant, S.C., Joanne Ellison teaches women to make space for God so that God’s presence keeps them from being overwhelmed with life.

Driven by a vision to motivate women to pursue a deeper relationship with God, Ellison founded Drawing Near to God in 2000 and has since reached tens of thousands of women through Christian radio, her weekly Bible study, speaking, books, CDs and DVDs. She is the author of over 20 Bible study guides, the popular 365-day Bible devotional, Drawing Near To God, and Sitting at His Feet and Tell Your Heart to Beat Again, both available in 2016.

An engaging speaker, writer and Bible teacher, Ellison’s speaking style includes both vulnerability and humor and is rooted in her passion for the Bible.

She is a mother of three, grandmother of 11 and has been married for 43 years to Dr. Blount Ellison. Making her home in the Charleston area for most of her life, Ellison is a graduate of the College of Charleston and an active member of Saint Andrew’s Church, Mount Pleasant, SC.

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Joanne’s Blog

God is Real in Your Priorities

This semester in my Drawing Near to God class we are dealing with subjects that impact all women.  This past week I taught on God being real in our priorities and I want to share some of the sound bites from my teaching. In the 12th chapter of Genesis, Abram heard God’s voice calling him […]

Video – Who Do You Say That I Am?

Today I want to share with you a video from back in the vault. 🙂 A friend of mine shared this on Facebook this past week and I laughed because it is from several years back when I recorded videos on my simple “flip camera.” Our technology may have upgraded but the message remains the […]

Do You Know Who You Are?

I hope that most of you reading my making space blog posts are also listening to my God is Real teachings. If you are not attending live please join us online/streaming. This past week my teaching was on, “God is Real… In our Identity.” If you have trouble hearing the volume on the streaming, you […]

Thy Will Be Done

Today marked the beginning of our new Fall Bible study, God is Real. It was so wonderful to see many new faces and of course catch up with familiar faces, too! We’re also so excited to be able to offer livestreaming of the study to people all over the globe for no fee – how […]

What is Really Important

Friends, welcome to Making Space for God Monday! What are you making space for today? I have been looking over my list of  endless duties and wondering why God did not make our days more than 24 hours— or make humans need less sleep…. But instead what He did do was wire us for intimacy […]

Time to Grow Up

Beloved friends, as we make space for God this morning, I want to share a Scripture that is on my heart: Paul writes about unity in the body of Christ beginning with urging the church in Ephesus and throughout the ages that we must walk in the manner worthy of the calling to which we […]

Jesus Has Solved Your Problems

Precious friends. I want you to read this next sentence at least three times so that it can really sink in: Jesus has solved all of your problems.  Sometimes as Christians we say things without really thinking about them or even believing it’s true. For example, we might say, “This problem though unsolvable is in […]

Letting Go of the Old

Happy Making Space for God Monday! Today I want to share with you an excerpt from my newest book, Tell Your Heart to Beat Again. I have previously shared the first chapter of the book, The Weary Church, and today I am sharing with you an excerpt from the second chapter, Letting Go of the […]

The Call of God

Good morning all of you folks who seek to make space for God! I am delighted that you have stopped by to enter into our discussion on making space for the call of God in our lives. God called Jesus to what seemed like absolute disaster. All of His disciples had their hearts broken when […]