Easter morning…. the tomb was empty. It was the single most significant event ever to transpire. Jesus Christ rose from the grave!! Mary was weeping… and then rejoicing when she discovered that Jesus was alive. All hope was buried in the tomb but the grave could not hold Him. RESURRECTION LIFE exploded into reality and the world was forever changed.

Today is the Monday after Easter and as we do every Monday on my blog we look for ways to Make Space for God. Today we look back at what was through our resurrection lenses. When we look at our lives in Christ we see our lives differently. Our shame, our brokenness, our lost hope has been restored. We see our lives from the perspective of life overtaking darkness.

Our celebration of Easter is simply a reminder that our faith in Jesus Christ opens the door to freedom from the bondage of sin and death. It is my favorite day of the year. I look through resurrection light-filled lenses seeing what Christ has done for me and giving Him my regrets, shame and hurt. And the best part?  I walk out of the grave removing my grave clothes! He has risen!

Friends, as we begin this week, let’s not allow Easter celebration to simply be a day with easter eggs, candy and a big feast. Let’s remember Easter every day as the day that we were set free. Take a moment. Close your eyes and listen to this magnificent song. It is one of my favorites that reminds me that Jesus overcame the grave– and we stand in the light with Him celebrating this Good News.

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