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Honoring the Names of God

  Earlier this week, I posted the second video in my mini-series about dealing with anxiety by Making Space for God. Specifically, we looked at how Making Space for God through prayer and praise can be the antidote to anxiety. So today, let’s dive deeper into praising and honoring God. Below is an entry from […]

Making Space for God through Praise

Two weeks ago, I posted the first video in a short miniseries about dealing with anxiety by Making Space for God. Embedded below or linked here, you will see the second video in this series. Today, if you are feeling anxious, I exhort you to make space for God through prayer and praise.

Waiting and Wondering

As we approach Mother’s Day weekend, I want to share an older blog post about waiting. Some of you may be waiting to become mothers. Others may be waiting for a wayward child to turn around. You could be waiting for a relationship to be healed, for physical healing, for a job, you name it. […]

Never Again

Have you ever told yourself that you will not do something again– something that didn’t work or that drove you crazy… or that was just too difficult? We all feel like that sometimes. Today I said just that. I will never… And I mean never go back to a particular store. So there! I went […]

Anxiety in Your Internal Space

On Monday, I started a series of video blogs about a topic that many people have shared is a real struggle for them – anxiety. At our Drawing Near Conference this past weekend, Dr. Barry Black commissioned us to reverse anxiety with prayer. Take a look at my first video in this series here. In […]

Making Space for God in Anxious Times

Happy Making Space for God Monday! Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be talking about a subject that so many people are dealing with today – anxiety. Watch the video below or on YouTube here.  Let’s Make Space for God together so that His presence can help keep you from being overwhelmed with […]

One Spirit

Good afternoon, Making Space for God community! As we are preparing for our Drawing Near Conference which begins tomorrow, I wanted to share with you an entry from my devotional, Drawing Near to God, that deals with one of the themes of my talk – unity. If you are local to Charleston (or want to […]

In Our Midst

Happy Easter Monday! This is the day after we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He has risen and that is the game changer for all of us who believe. He is the hope for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. And the reason that life has meaning as we ponder what this life is all about. […]

Living in the Kingdom

As we are in the midst of Holy Week and are anticipating the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday, I wanted to share an older blog post about what this week means for us as Christians. Remember, it’s not just one week but a lifestyle of living in the kingdom! Happy Easter! […]

Too Many Requests

Good morning my Making Space for God friends! Today I have been working on a series of teachings on unity and prayer for my upcoming Drawing Near Conference in Charleston SC. During my preparation time, I began to click through Safari, email, etc. and my computer just gave up. I admit I was moving fast, […]