The Christian Broadcasting Network Syndicates Joanne Ellison’s Blog

June 23, 2017

MT. PLEASANT, SC – Joanne Ellison’s blog post titled, “Commitment and Freedom” was recently featured on the Christian Broadcast Network website and social media channels. The Christian Broadcasting Network offers Christian TV & video outreach, digital resources, prayer ministry, humanitarian aid & relief and other resources.

“Today’s society is soft on commitment– whether it is to stick with a difficult relationship and work through the issues, following through on a job commitment or keeping your word. True commitment has gotten a bad reputation of being too restrictive; too demanding on our time and resources,” says Ellison in her post.

Ellison goes on to share a Christian perspective on true commitment and finding freedom in commitment. The post can be found at The Christian Broadcast Network will continue to features Joanne’s blog posts, with one scheduled to be featured on the homepage on June 29th and another on August 9th.

Ellison is an engaging speaker, writer and Bible teacher. In addition to over 20 Bible studies, Ellison has written two devotionals, Drawing Near to God and Sitting at His Feet, and her most recent book, Tell Your Heart to Beat Again.  Her speaking and writing style includes both vulnerability and humor and is rooted in her passion for the Bible. She often incorporates stories about her children, grandchildren and travels into her teachings – cycling through Portugal and Copenhagen as well as hiking mountains all over the States have provided many challenges and adventures!

She is a mother of three, grandmother of 11 and has been married for 45 years to Dr. Blount Ellison. Making her home in the Charleston area for most of her life, Ellison is a graduate of the College of Charleston and an active member of Saint Andrew’s Church, Mount Pleasant, SC.

Ellison can also be heard locally on WJNI Radio and HIS Radio, which both air her inspirational spots and teachings regularly. She has also had appearances on Make Your Day Count, a Christian television program that is part of the Word Television Network.

More information about Joanne Ellison can be found by visiting